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“The project came to fruition thanks to Experteam’s assistance and responsiveness throughout the developement of our tool, ” Angélique ABONNEL, Social Affairs Department at Sodexo

A custom-created report to ensure a better visibility on consumed hours

The project

Faced with the difficulty of monitoring the consumption of the delegation hours, and more so since the massive adoption of remote working, Sodexo’s Department of Social Affairs decided to acquire tools to track the consumption of delegation hours by elected representatives in order to bring more transparency to Social Dialogue

Developing a tool to smoothen and safeguard data entry

To reduce the costs and the related risks of friction that may come with unreliable data, Sodexo’s Social affairs have asked Experteam’s consultants to help them develop a tailored-made solution to track and monitor the delegation hours used by the entitled representatatives of all its entities.

The vizualisation of discrepancies made possible by the creation of a Power BI report

What we did

To address these challenges, our Data experts started with the development of a .net interface, designed to facilitate the entry of delegation hours and regulate transfers of delegation time from one reprensentative to another ( nomber of available hours, compatibility of mandates, etc.). Once these data collected, our team ensured they were channelled and structured within an excel file that already compiled HR data.
Finally, the creation of a Power Bi report allowed everyone to visualize consumed, remaining and transferred hours, as well as to point out the origin of the discrepencies that had been identified.

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