“The Autopilot solution has enabled us to enhance our cybersecurity. Going forward, we can rely on a single console to manage all user devices.”



CTO of the ERAMET Group

Modernize and simplify the management, configuration, and setup of ERAMET worldwide team workstations.

The project

Eramet is a French mining group with a workforce of 12,590 employees spread across 47 sites in 20 countries, with a presence on all five continents.

As part of its operations, this international leader in the valorization of energy transition metals operates mines worldwide in areas where networks and connectivity are often underdeveloped. Consequently, the management and configuration of workstations pose complex challenges. Eramet has thus embarked on a comprehensive project to effectively address this aspect and industrialize the process within the context of international development.

Supporting the digital transformation of workstations

The objectives

After studying the market offerings, Eramet relied on the advanced expertise of Experteam to implement the Autopilot solution, addressing various challenges such as managing new workstations with a unified process and tools, as well as enabling consistent usage of business applications across all devices.

Following a thorough analysis of the IT infrastructure and the requirements of each user and department, Autopilot was configured and implemented by our Workplace + Security consultants.

Modern workstation management and increased user autonomy made possible through the deployment of the Autopilot solution

What we did

Thanks to the deployment of the solution, Eramet’s end users now have the ability to independently install their PCs, wherever they may be, in approximately one hour.
By providing increased autonomy to employees and eliminating the time spent by IT teams manually managing complex configurations such as masters, this zero-touch approach has allowed the IT department to gain productivity and focus more on providing personalized and continuous support to its users.
By choosing a modern management approach for their workstations, the French industrial group has achieved significant gains in service quality while improving the security of its information system, all within a context where the company continues to push the boundaries of its physical boundaries.

Seynabou FAL, Senior IT Coordinator at Eramet Senegal, testifies: “The implementation of co-management has been seamless. Users no longer complain about data loss when they encounter incidents with their workstations (theft, loss, destruction).
The synchronization of their personal settings saves us a lot of time in case of workstation changes. As users are frequently on the move, updates are performed even when they are not on-site, which enhances computer security.”

Laurent Gameiro, CTO of the Eramet group, concludes: “The Autopilot solution has enabled us to strengthen our cybersecurity. We can rely on a single console to manage all user devices or reduce the number of non-standard workstations connecting to the information system.”

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