A community of qualified experts

Inspiring our teams and clients in their digital conquest!


An essential driver for developing our expertise, Experteam's practice community helps our experts learn, challenge themselves and co-innovate so they can offer our clients cutting-edge insights on solutions today's and tomorrow's technological solutions.

CloudAnima., our in-house practice community, is made up of Consultants, Engineers, Architects and Project Managers cherry-picked for their Microsoft technologies expertise and, more generally, their in-depth knowledge of cloud applications and mobility, security and collective intelligence solutions.

Every day, its members use collaborative solutions to discuss their projects. They meet regularly to give feedback, receive training or help each other to obtain new certifications.​

Because we firmly believe that regular contact with our clients and partners helps generate new ideas and fosters a spirit of co-creation, our experts regularly touch base with all the members of our ecosystem via webinars – ExperFlix, or podcasts –Expertify.​

Multi-certified experts!

With over thirty members, Cloud Anima. has over 50 individual, up-to-date certifications.

An innovation hub driven by knowledge-sharing

Our Community's main strength is the diversity and range of its expertise. Assisted by our partners, the members of CloudAnima regularly invite their colleagues to learn about new solutions through themed training workshops: ExperCamps.

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