Bespoke delivery

Choose a flexible service offering that aligns with your needs and the structure of your organisation​.

A modular service offering​

In order to keep pace with rapidly-changing technologies, new delivery models need to be both flexible and stable. ​

At Experteam, we don’t use buzzwords, but are simply committed to helping you choose the best possible methodology – one that’s suited to your IT system and your teams.​ Ever attuned to your needs, our experts will assist you at any stage of your project, from design to optimisation.​

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Because any digital transformation requires strategic thinking in order to bring genuine value and boost your organisation’s productivity, we begin all our clients’ projects with an audit phase to enable us to:​

  • Understand the existing situation and users’ uses​
  • Clearly establish your challenges and issues ​
  • Specify needs ​
  • Identify any sticking points
  • Look at the technology opportunities and solutions considered

Because we believe more in continuously adapting to change than following a plan to the letter, our experts will work closely with your teams to determine your users’ priorities and needs and then draw up a roadmap that can change as your project evolves. ​

This collaborative approach will then enable them to:​

  • Design the target technical and functional architecture of the solution​
  • Plan the integration of the solution into your Workplace ecosystem​
  • Choose the right partners for your project​
  • Organise roll-out and industrialisation of the solutions to ensure the right workplace is provided to the right person. ​

Once you’ve defined your strategy and drawn up a roadmap, it’s time to get down to work! Which is why our certified Consultants and Project Managers will build and develop your projects.​

Because they know how fast uses and needs can change, our experts will work closely with your end-users and constantly challenge their know-how so your projects can grow and benefit from the latest best practices and technologies on the market.

Because the ultimate aim of each project is to improve your users’ day-to-day operational performance and digital productivity, our Consultants, Training staff and Customer Success Managers guarantee long-term success of your project by:​

  • Training your teams.​
  • Assisting them in adopting the new solutions deployed via an Expertise as-a-Service package.​
  • Operational maintenance for your working environment via our Managed Services Centre.
Our delivery modes
Whether you're looking for that rare talent to join your teams for a specific project, would like us to manage a project or provide continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructures, we'll provide the level of service to suit your needs.​
IT staffing
Together we'll find the talents with the experience, skills and personality to match your needs so they can join your teams.
Once we've identified the project deliverables with you, we assist you with our trademark dedication and high standards.
We help you with production and continuous optimisation of your services with quality of service guaranteed via SLAs.

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