Discover the Experteam spirit

Joining us means working with a group of people who are passionate about teamwork, innovation and constantly learning. They're also a lively mixture of sports lovers, bons vivants and foodies who love to get together and have fun! ​
Cécile NAUDOT, HR Manager, tells you about our mindset!

United by our values, strengthened by our diversity

Experteam: 230 people with different backgrounds and experience.​

What do we have in common? An insatiable passion for digital, a genuine flair for innovation and a focus on simplicity, under the guidance of a human-first management team that encourages empowerment and initiative.



Since its inception, Experteam has been built on intrapreneurship. So it's no surprise that we're a team of proactive self-starters who are always ready to build together and encourage and support ideas that open up new possibilities!



Experteamers are first and foremost passionate about technology. We firmly believe that our curiosity and our commitment to sharing knowledge with our clients and partners are fundamental to the success of our projects, every day!



Because we want each member of the Team to experience the satisfaction of contributing to innovative projects that make a real difference to our clients, all our initiatives are geared towards acquiring new skills and sharing knowledge!



We're close to our employees and our clients. We take the time to understand each person's needs and challenges so that together we can create a climate of understanding, trust and respect.

Experteam's CSR commitments

Striking a balance between People, the Environment and Technology​

Social, environmental and technological issues are central to Experteam's growth strategy. Creating jobs, protecting the environment and providing access to new technologies to help people are the foundations of the company's mission statement: amplify human potential with technology.

The men and women in our teams are what make Experteam what it is today and help shape the Experteam of tomorrow. That’s why our priorities and commitments are all about people, because it’s by building a relationship based on trust, transparency and close contact with all our stakeholders that we constantly foster the company’s development.

According to a report by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management, IT accounts for 10% of the world’s electricity consumption: that’s as much as the aviation industry. If things don’t change, by 2025, digital will cause as much pollution as the world’s automobile traffic. The commitments we make today will determine what sort of company we want to be tomorrow, which is why we are constantly changing the way we do things.

Experteam also has a responsible, sustainable approach to procurement and vendor relations, which is why it has built sustainable relationships with its service providers and sub-contractors based on mutual trust and respect and fair, honest business practices.

Sharing and helping others are part of Experteam’s DNA, which is why we actively encourage supporting charities and volunteering.

The gender equality index at Experteam has improved by 8 points and was evaluated at 83/100 for the year 2023. Experteam is a signatory of the ReconversionFemmesNum Manifesto. Each year, we implement actions to enhance women’s access to digital professions and reduce gender inequalities that may persist within our company and our industry.

Hear from our new recruits

Hear about their experience when they joined the Team.​

These new Experteamers will tell you how they were hired !

The recruitment process

Once you apply for one of our job offers, have been recommended by one of our employees or been head-hunted by us, we’ll have an initial interview, either over the phone or via LinkedIn.​
The aim of this step is to make sure your aspirations are in line with our current opportunities.​

After this initial contact, we’ll invite you to come in for one or two interviews with a Recruitment Officer and a Sales Manager so you can tell us about your skills and experience and we can give you more details about the post.

One of our experts will then contact you by phone or via video-conference to assess your technical know-how.​

To give you an idea of what the position will involve, we will also tell you about some of our customers and the projects we’ve worked on.​

The aim of this stage of the process is to get an overview of your skills and see if they match our present and future opportunities!

One of the people you met will call you with details of our offer!


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