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At Experteam, we have a dream: that of a company where people take the time to make technology serve people - not the other way around!​

We uphold this vision, which is part of our mission statement, with our clients and our employees. In the race for innovation, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what's important; but at Experteam, we reject technology that doesn't speak people's language, technical experts that don't speak the client's language, and a service company that doesn't focus on the professional and personal satisfaction of the very people who create its true value.​

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At Experteam, each area of expertise has its own tribe! Cloud Apps, Cloud Infrastructures, Collective Intelligence, Hypermobility or Data… Find yours! ​

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Joining Experteam means spending every day with a community of passionate, curious people who enjoy life and love to share their values, their expertise... and their croissants!

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