Our Smart Cloud expertise

Certified, multidisciplinary experts to help you every step of the way in your cloud adoption

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Ensure a successful transition to the cloud and get the most out of it!

Whatever your situation and however cloud-savvy your organisation is, Experteam will find solutions to address your service and data storage, security and accessibility needs so you can cut costs whilst constantly innovating. ​

Our Smart Cloud App Services

Each cloud project is different and comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you need help getting started with migration, getting through the scalability stage or adopting a cloud-native approach, our teams of experts and technology partners help you with a single goal in mind: boosting the performance of your IT assets and thus offering you greater flexibility and agility so you can seize new innovation opportunities. ​ ​

We have the expertise in Amazon’s cloud platform to help you with migration, managing and running your services and applications and help reduce your cloud costs.

We have the expertise in Microsoft’s cloud platform to help you with migration, managing and running your services and applications and help reduce your cloud costs.

Azure DevOps is our preferred solution for collaborating on software development via source control, work tracking and continuous integration and delivery, both locally and in the cloud.

Our experts combine PowerApps with your Azure services to help you create custom apps easily, link them to your databases and ensure streamlined delivery in the cloud.

On a day-to-day basis, our experts use the Github platform to ensure faster development, improvement, security and automation of your software solutions and provide cloud hosting.​

With malware attacks on data centres on the increase, our experts use IBM products and services to make your infrastructure more reliable, robust and resilient and ensure it can keep up with your rapidly-changing cloud needs.

With Juniper Networks, our experts make running your data centres simpler and more reliable thanks to secure, automated, AI-driven solutions.​

Our experts are well-versed in Dell Technologies solutions and use them to update your data centre, customise your cloud or migrate your workloads into the cloud.

With Cisco’s IT and networks solutions, our experts will provide security for your data centres through multi-tier segmentation and a threat-protection system to support your workloads, wherever they are.

Our experts use HPE products to guarantee optimal performance of your network architecture.​

Our Smart Cloud Infrastructures Services

Find out about the technological solutions our experts use to maintain and upgrade your private cloud infrastructures​.

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