Our Data Analytics​ expertise

Experienced consultants help you analyse, structure and exploit your data so you can make informed decisions, better manage your business and boost performance​.

Christophe tells you all about Data Analytics

Boost your business lines' operational efficiency by unleashing the potential of their data

Experteam can speed up the digitalisation of each area of your organisation (Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, Supply Chain, etc) by helping them create the right solutions for their activity.​

Data expertise requires rapid digitalisation of your entire organisation; but this is often slowed down because it’s difficult to identify or develop software solutions that can address the specific needs of each department.

To address this issue, we give your operational departments the freedom and power to design their own business solutions from A to Z, without the support of the IT department.​​

Our Data Analytics services:​

Our experienced consultants, developers and training staff are on hand to assist you with:​

  • Training in the Microsoft Power Platform suite (PowerBI, Power Apps, Power Automate), from the basic​s to advanced level
  • Developing custom Business Intelligence, Data Visualisation and Process Automation solutions (on either a fixed-price or time & materials basis)​
  • Coaching (getting started with your projects, assistance in implementing complex reports)​
  • Technical support and assistance​
  • Maintenance

Our solutions for managing your data

Discover the tools our experts use in order to help your teams create their own productivity solutions.​

With Power Bi, Microsoft enables your organisation to easily generate low-code reports using real-time data. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of both the solution and the whole Microsoft 365 ecosystem, our consultants will train your teams and help them to connect Power Bi to their applications and mine all their data sources.​

Application development isn’t just for the IT department anymore! With Power Apps, anyone can easily design applications to match their specific needs.​ To fast-track the digitalisation of your organisation, our consultants provide your teams with training and assistance so they can make their own applications to streamline their day-to-day tasks, thanks to easily accessible, predesigned models or low-code development.​

With the Power Automate training provided by our consultants, your staff will be freed from time-consuming, repetitive tasks thanks to digital, automated processes connected to their business applications.​

A secure, homogenous platform designed for today’s data management solutions, SQL Server enables native integration with Microsoft’s other BI solutions. SQL Server can thus be used to interact with and analyse your structured or unstructured data in order to draw up reports.​

Named a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for Business Intelligence, Qlik turns your raw data into insights. ​
From data integration to analysis, our consultants will help you get the most out of your data so you can make informed decisions.​

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